Caroline graduated in Spring of 2021, receiving her BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where she lived with her mother, father, two older brothers, and several beloved dogs. Caroline has always been a storyteller and a natural performer. As a young girl, she never sat to watch a movie, but rather participated in the excitement. And when she wasn't acting out her favorite Disney flick, she was building worlds in her head and saving her imaginary friends from the dangers that lurked in her backyard or in the school playground. Her parents could see she was a natural born performer from an early age and tossed her into theatre camps and dance classes. She's been hooked ever since! Caroline attended the Youth Performing Arts School at DuPont Manual High School before finding her way to Ann Arbor for her BFA. When she isn't performing, Caroline can usually be found baking, embroidering, writing, hunting through antique stores, or obsessing over her sweet kitten, Monty. She loves elephants, cherry tomatoes, and wine nights with friends, and she is optimistic for the recent return of theatre and the opportunity to connect with audiences onstage again!